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On August 4, 2023 a freshly built catamaran from S2 Racing outfitted with two e-Motion 180E electric outboards from Vision Marine Technologies went into the water in Lake Mead Florida. Twenty three days later, on the waters of Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, it hit a speed of 116 miles an hour, setting a new world speed record for electric boats.
This order marks the beginning of a transformative partnership, with Wired set to equip its pontoons with these 180 HP electric propulsion systems, responding to the growing marine consumer demand for electric marine propulsion.
Electric boats probably won’t be filling up U.S. waters anytime soon, but boat builders, sports stars and students are pushing the boats’ limits and driving this $3.3-billion-a-year business into the mainstream.
Over the last decade ESG (environmental, social and governance) stocks have quickly been gaining in popularity. In fact, a study conducted by asset manager Capital Group in 2022 found that 89% of investors now consider ESG factors in some way when choosing investments. More recently, investors have begun to tweak their investment strategy by shifting from ESG to impact stocks.
This unprecedented achievement is a testament to Vision Marine’s passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence on the water. Tune in to this exciting episode to hear this incrediable story of a vision that distrupted an industry; It’s one you do not want to miss!!!
For 2023, spectators were expecting a return of their all-white Hellkat, which did make an appearance, although the company had another surprise — a sleek carbon fiber S2 Powerboats 966 catamaran driven by Shaun Torrente Racing (STR) in partnership with Charleston Composites, Raymarine, and Weismann Transmission.
Fisherman’s Channel was a washing machine of chop and bobble, a result of wind, tide, and the wakes from all the ­Miami Boat Show demo boats heading for the inlet. The torque provided by the Vision Marine Technologies 180e electric outboard allowed me to get the H2e on top steadily without the bashing that comes when you need to make the boat jump up before throttling back to get going.
This isn’t just any boating event; it’s the stage for an electric revolution. The esteemed Vision Marine Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: VMAR) is teaming up with the legendary three-time boat racing world champion, Shaun Torrente.
Electric-powered Vision Marine Technologies 966 S2 Powerboats, built by offshore racers Shaun Torrente and Sean Conner, specifically for offshore racers—preparing to break last year’s 3/4-mile record of 109 mph at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout 2023
Vision Marine Technologies has announced its intention to set an absolute world speed record for an electric-powered boat at a UIM-sanctioned kilo run on August 27 during the annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Sunrise Beach, Mo.
The smart and first-mover advantage goes to Vision Marine Technologies (NASDAQ:VMAR), with its proprietary E-Motion powertrain outboard motor that can turn any speedboat into the fastest electric version in its class on the market.
The recreational electric boat playing field is far less chaotic and crowded, and the first-mover advantage goes to Vision Marine Technologies
Vision Marine Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:VMAR) is possibly approaching a major achievement in its business, so we would like to shine some light on the company.
One of the standout features of the Four Winns H2e is its electric-powered E-motion 180E propulsion system, from Vision Marine Technologies.
At the heart of Vision Marine Technologies’ mission is the relentless pursuit of handcrafted, high-performance, and environmentally friendly electric recreational powerboats
The past week has proven to be lucrative for Vision Marine Technologies investors
Vision is working to bring the benefits of drivetrain electrification to the performance and environmentally-minded boating world.
The waterways are going electric, too, and the playing field is much less chaotic, with the clear first-mover advantage going to Vision Marine Technologies.
This is the year the transition to electric begins in earnest. And the first mover advantage is going to Vision Marine
From May 19 to May 21, Vision Marine Technologies raised eyebrows at the recent Electrify Expo held in Long Beach, California.
Planet MicroCap caught up with Alex Mongeon, Co-Founder & CEO of Vision Marine Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: VMAR) via Zoom to discuss
Watch LA unscripted about Vision Electric Boat Rental
Electric boat and outboard manufacturer Vision Marine Technologies announced that it entered into an agreement with an unnamed investor for the issuance of 475,059 common shares of stock at $4.21 per share, the equivalent of $2 million.
Roger Moore then introduced Vision Marine Technologies CEO Alex Mongeon who in turn introduced Xavier Montagne, the company’s Chief Operating Office/Chief Technical Officer.
You have to see Four Winns H2e! This is the electric-powered version of the popular runabout sporting a Vision Marine Technologies electric outboard motor.
The first electric boat from Groupe Beneteau’s Four Winns brand, the H2e, will be at Boot, showing off the Visions Marine Technologies E-Motion 180E outboard package.
The H2e Bowrider may not be the only electric boat around, but it’s one of the few that are not simple concepts and that are truly worth considering.
Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Alexandre Mongeon, CEO of Vision Marine Technologies, located in Boisbriand, QC, Canada.
Vision Marine (NASDAQ: VMAR) Proves its Electric Boating Technology is One to Watch After Master Supply Agreement and Initial Purchase Order from Groupe Beneteau, a Global Market Leader in the Boating Industry.
Vision Marine and Beneteau will jointly market the ground-breaking Four Winns H2e to Beneteau’s dealer network, which includes 72 dealers in the United States, and 400 worldwide, on five continents.
Another major manufacturer has made the foray into electric boating. Today reputable Michigan manufacturer Four Winns announced the arrival their first all-electric model- the H2e bowrider.
To discuss the electric boating aspect of the larger EV transition, Chris recently spoke with Alexandre Mongeon.
MONTREAL — Four Winns, a division of Groupe Beneteau, partnered with Vision Marine Technologies to develop the H2e, the first all-electric series production bowrider on the market.
Four Winns continues to be committed to a comfortable and instinctive experience on the water and is ecstatic to announce a daring move into electric boating.
Seeing first hand the interest in Vision’s offerings in Miami (and following similar events elsewhere) undergirds the thesis that this industry is going to experience rapid growth.
Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:VMAR) is pleased to announce the expansion plan of our high margin, profitable and rapidly growing electric rental boat operations
Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:VMAR) is pleased to report its productive visit to the 6th annual Florida Capital Event conference

IBI speaks with global sales director Zach Crawford at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo

Alpha Wolf Trading interview, CEO Alexandre Mongeon talks about The recent accomplishments at Vision Marine Technologies

In partnership with Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: VMAR), the Company will display its first prototype electric boat, the Seventeen Fifty-Two 2.1 Center Console EV.

From electric scooters to electric-powered flying taxis and record-breaking electric speedboats, alternative transportation is taking shape in many forms

Limestone Boats Aquasport 2100CC powered by an electric propulsion package will be on display at FLIBS

The electrification and decarbonization trend is still in the early innings, but society has finally reached a point where seemingly a majority of people collectively agree that steps need to be taken to reduce the global carbon output to help slow the speed of climate change.

Vision Marine Technologies (VMAR-NASDAQ) continues to be at the forefront of the global electric boating industry’s transition to decarbonization.

Vision Marine Technologies is pleased to announce an initial purchase order of 25 E-Motion™180E outboard motors and powertrain systems from The Limestone Boat Company (BOAT-TSXV).
Entrevue avec Alexandre Mongeon à l’émission À vos affaires de TVA Nouvelles
The new EV model will debut later this month in the Vision Marine Technologies display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Owner and builder of Aquasport Boats, Limestone® Boats and Boca Bay Boats – is pleased to announce that it has placed an initial order for the first fully electric propulsion systems to be installed on its 2024

Interview with Alexandre Mongeon, CEO of Vision Marine Technologies | High electrical performance | A market to conquer


Groupe Beneteau and Vision Marine Technologies announced plans to integrate Vision Marine’s electric outboard motors with several models across the boat builder’s portfolio of brands. 

Dave interviews Alex from Vision Marine Technologies about their “Hellcat” project and their goal to be the first electric outboard boat to reach 100MPH, which they reached at 109MPH at the 2022 LOTO Shootout!

Hundreds of boats and thousands of people witnessed this year’s Shootout on Lake of the Ozarks.

An electric boat built from the ground up for maximum power has blazed past the 100-mph (161-km/h) barrier, and posted a new world record in the process.

More important than the 109-mph record was an electric boat streaking by thousands of fans. It gave electric power instant street cred on the water.

The fastest boat in the world is called the Vision V32 and it is electric. It manages to reach 175 km/h.

The technical signals for both the maker of electric motors for boats and the Invesco QQQ Trust are worth tracking.

It’s the first time a battery-powered speedboat has surpassed 100 mph.

Montreal-based Vision Marine Technologies, in partnership with Hellkat Powerboats, reached a historic milestone by shattering the 100-mph speed barrier for an electric watercraft. They smashed the world record for the fastest electric boat, achieving a top speed of 109 mph at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout 2022 in Missouri.

Interviewing Shaun Torrente, pilot for Vision Marine Technologies, and Alex Mongeon not long after their second record run at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout.

After a record-breaking run on Saturday of Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, Vision Marine Technologies did it again on Sunday… even faster.

A new on-water top speed record for an electric boat was set on Saturday morning during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout as Shaun Torrente drove the Vision 32 catamaran to 104 mph.

Speed On The Water magazine is reporting that a Vision Marine Technologies team has smashed the world speed record for electric boats with a 104 mile per hour run.

The 34th annual Lake of the Ozarks is enjoying record crowds this weekend.

100MPH Run With Electric Boat At Lake Of The Ozarks Shootout next week

Fox Sports was on-site at DBMIBS 2022 capturing footage from every part of the show. Whether you want to relive the experience, or you missed this year’s show – check this out!

CEO Alexandre Mongeon says the company is aiming for a big slice of the fast-growing market for electric boats with its E-Motion 180E, which he says is the world’s most powerful electric outboard engine.

Rise in electric boats adoption with surge in environmental concerns and stringent emission regulations along with the increase in marine tourism drive the global electric boat market growth.

SNN Network, a global multimedia financial news and publishing company that focuses on delivering news, information, data and analytics for publicly traded microcap companies, today announced that the Q2 2022 Issue of the MicroCap Review Magazine is now available in digital format.

The Limestone Boat Company is set to move forward with serial production of the first fully electric center console boat produced in the United States.

Leading makers of electric outboard motors say they’re improving, but much work remains to be done.

We’ve become accustomed to internal combustion engines for our mowers and snowmobiles, bicycles, and boats. But electrification is happening in other motorized markets, with some really fun results.

Streetlight Confidential spoke with Alexandre Mongeon, Chairman and CEO of Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. at the Miami International Boat Show right before trying out their new technology.

Follow the Director of Testing, Captain Steve, on his familiarization run of the E-Motion 180E using a Starcraft pontoon carrying 7 passengers

Vision Marine Technologies to Present at the Planet MicroCap Showcase 2022 in Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Long relegated to trolling duty and dinghy driving, electric outboards are now showing up with more horsepower to deliver greater speed on bigger boats, but how far will they be able to take us?

SNNLive spoke with Alexandre Mongeon, Chairman and CEO of Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: VMAR) via Zoom to discuss how does Vision Marine’s E-Motion™ technology work

Vision Marine Technologies E-Motion 180E Electric Powertrain.

Vision Marine Technologies touts its E-Motion 180E as the world’s most powerful electric outboard.

More power and lower emissions than ever. For all the headaches and headwinds they’ve faced, engine builders haven’t let off the throttle at all, and if anything, are now bringing out more exciting new product than ever.

Vision Marine Technologies CEO discusses how e-boats will play a role in the fight against the climate crisis

As the Aggressive Growth Stock Strategist here at Zacks Investment Research I am often asked all the time for an EV name that is under the radar. After moving to Florida, I have seen the huge ramp in the boating industry and how the surge of boat traffic is causing more and more pollution.

Latest Interview from the Big Biz Show hosts with Alexandre Mongeon CEO of Vision Marine Technologies.

We were there to test drive Top 1% Advisory recommendation Vision Marine Technologies’ (VMAR)180hp electric outboard engine.

The car industry has been shifting away from gasoline but the boating industry is still lagging behind. This industry however aims to ride the new wave of clean energy.

VMAR shares took a hit during the pandemic, in part because of the cancellation of boat shows. But they have rallied sharply in recent weeks and should return to double-digit territory.

The electric boating industry is poised to grow in the coming years, following the success of the electric vehicle market and global demands for green transportation. Battery shortages, however, could stall the industry’s expansion if production fails to keep up.

La Presse deploys a full article on electric vehicles entrepreneurship. First electric featherlight plane, electric boat rental operations around the world and massive worker shortage in the car industry.

The Miami International Boat Show is returning Presidents Day Weekend after skipping 2021 due to the pandemic, with organizers expecting a record 100,000 people and plenty of new things for boating enthusiasts. Among them, several electric boating companies are trying to make a name for themselves and educate the public about what they say is the future of boating.

The new location will be located at the new development called Waves at Dania Beach, Florida. Vision Marine has entered into a lease agreement with the developers of Waves at Dania Beach which secured office and slip space for twenty-five electric boats.

Vision Marine Technologies (NASDAQ:VMAR) has announced a joint venture with Weismann Marine to develop a lower unit assembly for its outboard propulsion system.

The tide is shifting. As electric cars gain momentum on land, the nautical world also appears to be warming up to cleaner transport.

Watch the full interview of Vision Marine’s CEO at the Big Biz Show in San Diego.

Vision Marine Technologies (NASDAQ: VMAR) has partnered with battery supplier Octillion Power Systems to develop a custom high-voltage 35 kW battery pack exclusively for use in the recreational boating market.

It is only a matter of when, not if, electric outboard motors will be the coin of the realm. One of the first builders in North America to pioneer the new concept is the Limestone Boat Company, which owns Aquasport.

Company details production progress, its electric outboard engine partnership, and further strengthens its leadership team.

Vision Marine is partnering with Octillion Power Systems to develop customized high voltage 35 kWh electric outboard batteries as the energy source for their E-Motion 180e powertrain.

Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Alexandre Mongeon, the CEO and Director of Vision Marine Technologies.

Vision Marine announced it has partnered with Octillion Power Systems to develop a customized high-voltage 35 KW high-density battery exclusively for use within the recreational boating market.

The news that GM is getting into electric boat motors is one of many reasons to consider these plays.

With its fully electric outboard motor for recreational boats, VMAR has the potential to deliver value by disrupting the boating industry.

Marina Dock Age recently spoke with Bruce Nurse, director of business development for Vision Marine Technologies (VMT), a manufacturer in the electric recreational boating industry that serves original equipment to manufacturers and consumers.

Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. announced on October 26th that it has executed a Manufacture and Supply Agreement (“MSA”) with Linamar Corporation (TSX: LNR), a global leader in manufacturing solutions and world class developer of highly engineered products

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – It’s the future of boating, says Vision Marine, a Canadian-based company that has created an engine many are calling the Tesla of boating. It’s the world’s most powerful electric motor, explains CEO Alex Mongeon.

Clean energy and performance can be perfectly compatible, even when it comes to boating. For example, a Canadian company recently introduced a powerful electric outboard motor that could help accelerate the transition towards electric powerboats.

Only a few years ago, Tesla was proving for the first time that electric engines were the future of automobiles. This year, Vision Marine proved that the future of boating includes electric engines, too.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — On a typical day, Derek Gaines can be found working behind an E Boats Rental desk, but every now and then he gets to enjoy the perks of taking a boat out himself in the Newport Beach Harbor.

E-Motion’s new 180hp electric outboard engine has the speed and power to rival the best mid-range petrol engines. Could the E-Motion 180 be the start of a new electric era?

The auto industry has raced ahead on an electric wave with more manufacturers joining the race seemingly every day. The boating industry has sputtered far behind, bogged down by low-horsepower engines and batteries that take up nearly half the boat.

Electric-powered boats made their debut at the Shootout in 2018, with a 25 mph run by Randy Vance in Calypso. Now, three years later, the Vision Marine Technologies-powered Bruce 22 hit 49 mph in its final run.

“One of the exhibitors generating serious buzz is Vision Marine Technologies, the company building the 180-hp E-Motion electric outboard. The Canadian corporation is “what IBEX is all about,” Dunbar says.

Luxury electric boating has arrived, and with the introduction of new technology, you get all of the power with none of the carbon footprint

As executives continue flocking to coastal hubs like the Hamptons or Miami and Palm Beach, the international boating circuit is surging. Boat slips in prime marinas are hard to come by, and most manufacturers have more than a 12-month waiting period for deliveries, with bidding wars breaking out over iconic models.

The Limestone Boat Company Limited – owner and builder of Aquasport Boats, Limestone Boats and Boca Bay Boats – recently announced a new flagship model for Aquasport, a new website for the Aquasport brand, and delivery of the first Limestone production boat.

Luxury electric boating has arrived, and with the introduction of new technology, you get all of the power with none of the carbon footprint

As executives continue flocking to coastal hubs like the Hamptons or Miami and Palm Beach, the international boating circuit is surging. Boat slips in prime marinas are hard to come by, and most manufacturers have more than a 12-month waiting period for deliveries, with bidding wars breaking out over iconic models.

If you are like a lot of Canadians, you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. But if you prefer the sounds and scents of nature to the din and fumes of motorized vehicles, your options have been limited to human-powered ways of getting around.

Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: VMAR) (“Vision Marine” or the “Company”), a leading manufacturer in the electric recreational boating industry serving both OEMs and consumers, is pleased to announce today that the Company will partner with Shaun Torrente of Shaun Torrente Racing..

Established on Coniston Water—a famed hotbed of water-speed records in United Kingdom—in 2020 by a Jaguar V20E racing boat designed and built by the British car builder and Williams Advanced Engineering of Formula 1 fame—the current electric-powered boat speed records stands at 88.6 mph.

The future of boating is here! Vision Marine Technologies, a company based in Montreal, Quebec, is leading the pack when it comes to electric outboards. Led by CEO Alexandre Mongeon – an avid boat racer – Vision Marine Technologies is headed in the zero-emission boat market.

Alex Mongeon is the CEO of Vision Marine Technologies (NasdaqCM: VMAR), a company that produces the electric boats and the technology behind electric motors for boats.

Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: VMAR) a leading manufacturer in the electric recreational boating industry serving both OEMs…

Vision Marine Technologies (NASDAQ: VMAR) strives to be a guiding force for change and …

NEW ATLAS, JUNE 15, 2021

Not only is the 180E the world’s most powerful electric outboard, but it could soon become the world’s fastest. Vision has teamed up with Hellkats Powerboats in an effort to push the all-out electric boat world speed record up over 100 mph (161 km/h).


Vision Marine Technologies is not just the hottest thing in boating right now. The company is also offering the coolest technology in terms of protecting our feeble waterways. And with summer on the horizon, CEO and director Alexandre Mongeon is busier than ever, getting boats outfitted for the warm weather.


Today, there seems to be two adjacent trends occurring in the marine industry: combustion engines are getting larger, and more electric technologies are starting to emerge, most commonly for inboard applications. Canadian-based Vision Marine Technologies is challenging this divide with its new E-Motion 180E, which is reportedly the world’s most powerful electric outboard.


The future of boating is here! Vision Marine Technologies, a company based in Montreal, Quebec, is leading the pack when it comes to electric outboards. The company, which was formerly known as The Canadian Electric Boat Company, is lead by CEO Alexandre Mongeon- an avid boat racer.


Vision Marine Technologies (VMAR) produces electric engines for boats. They recently went public via IPO in November 2021.

FORBES, MAY 28, 2021

Vision Marine Technologies CEO Alex Mongeon discusses electric boat motors and the recent increase in boat sales.


Vision Marine Technologies, the first electric boating company to be publicly listed (NASDAQ: VMAR), is launching their 180 HP, 180 E-Motion..

Vision Marine Technologies CEO Alex Mongeon discusses electric boat motors and the recent increase in boat sales..


Vision Marine, a maker of battery-powered boat motors, shares a lot in common with other electric vehicle up-and-comers, minus the market hype.

TD AMERITRADE, Feb 22, 2021

The CEO of Vision Marine Technologies (VMAR), Alex Mongeon, says that the company utilizes lithium battery technology and is the first electric boating company to be publicly listed in December 2020.

FORBES, Feb 18, 2021

Not all boats make noise, or even waves. Like electronic cars, they are quieter and cleaner than their traditional gas- and diesel-powered counterparts.

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