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Vision Marine Technologies, Inc., (NASDAQ: VMAR) strives to change and be a contributing factor in fighting the problem of waterway pollution by disrupting the boating industry with electric power, contributing to zero pollution, zero emission, wave less water, and a noiseless environment.


The Company’s flagship outboard powertrain is the first fully electric outboard motor that combines an advanced battery pack, inverter, and high efficiency motor.


We continue to design, innovate, manufacture, and sell our handcrafted, high performance, environmentally friendly, electric recreational powerboats to recreational customers.


The design and technology applied to our boats results in far greater and enhanced performance, higher speeds and longer range. Simply stated, a smoother ride than a traditional ICE motorboat.


Highly knowledgeable and experienced management team, whose significant beneficial insider ownership fully aligns its interest with that of all shareholders.

Company address:

730 Boulevard du Curé-Boivin, Boisbriand, Qc Canada, J7G 2A7

Investor Contact:

Bruce Nurse
Investor Relations

(800) 871-4274

U.S. Investor Contact:

Sean McGowan and Tom Colton

Gateway Investor Relations


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