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Altucher Alliance - February 25, 2022 - Doug Hill

“What goes up must come down”… then up again, and yeah, down again.

Uncertainty creates havoc in financial markets. Uncertainty of prices, uncertainty of supply chain disruptions, and yes, even the outcome of wars thousands of miles away.

Upon the news that Putin had in fact ordered troops to invade Ukraine Wednesday night, markets reacted definitively, and violently.

By dawn Thursday morning all the major indices were deeply in the red. It looked ugly across the board. Including Bitcoin, and… well almost every other cryptocurrency you can name, had shed 10% of its value.

Then by the end of the day yesterday, you’d think Putin had decided he’d made a big mistake and ordered troops back home to the motherland…

A complete reversal in the stock market was underway by late morning. And by the end of the day, the markets had fully recovered overnight losses, and then some.

Yet, we still have high and rising inflation, a massive pile of debt that grows by the minute, a Federal Reserve that’s pinned in a corner with no good choices, sky-high stock valuations…

I am sure you all get the point. It’s tough out there. Markets are and will continue to be very volatile. That makes trading these markets tough with higher degrees of risk.

Yet James, Bob, Tim, Chris, and our whole team continue to look for the diamonds in the rough.

For example, yesterday James and Chris revealed three ways to earn 8% and up to 60% by staking certain cryptocurrencies. Yeah, I know, crazy, right?

Summer Fun in February

And before I let you go for the weekend, I thought I’d share a couple of photos from the Miami Boat Show last weekend.

If you’ve never been to the Miami Boat Show, it’s worth a trip at least once. It’s Summer in February down there and the marina was packed!

We were there to test drive Top 1% Advisory recommendation Vision Marine Technologies’ (VMAR)180hp electric outboard engine.

We spent time with the CEO and management team over two days. We got to hear first hand their plans for the business and key partnerships they have developed.

Here’s a peek at their outboard engine on display:

Bob and Tim spent time talking with the CEO and management team… specifically about their technology and revenue sources, of which VMAR has three.

But the main attraction of this trip was getting on the water and taking this thing for a spin. Which we did, and it was fantastic.

I expected it to be quiet, and it was.

What I didn’t expect was how smooth the ride was at low speeds. There was no vibration of the boat as we taxied out of the marina. None.

But that wasn’t the only surprise. The gear shifting from reverse to forward was seamless too. No grinding gears and jerk once the gears catch.

“Smooth as butta” as my grandmother used to say. Have a look and listen for yourself. At 5 knots the loudest sound you hear is the water lapping up alongside the boat.

VMAR has a good story, they have incredible technology developed by their CTO, Xavier Montagne who was involved in the development of the sports version of the Renault ZOE.

Thanks to his development and design, VMAR has a lead on industry competitors that’s estimated at two to four years.



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