At 175 km/h, this is how it has managed to become the fastest boat in the world

GEAR RICE - September 2, 2022 - Advay Hora

The fastest boat in the world is called the Vision V32 and it is electric. It manages to reach 175 km/h.

Pleasure boats are going electric, which has allowed him to get a little extra in terms of comfort and safety. However, for some time now, something much more interesting is beginning to be seen. Top speed records is something that is implicitly related to the introduction of electrical technology in maritime transport. After all, the installation of electrical mechanics allows to have some interesting qualities that allow to extend the limit above the conventional.

In this way, it seems that the world speed record on the surface of the water has just been broken. The previous record was set at 160 km/h, a mark that has just been broken these days. Vision Marine Technologies, a company specialized in mobility on water, has managed to establish a record that has managed to increase the previous one by 15 km/h. It is, without a doubt, a milestone that repositions the electric product as a more interesting alternative to the traditional internal combustion ones.

How has this new feat of mechanics without polluting emissions been conceived? Here are some of the keys to understanding how this new record has been achieved, why it is a brand that, possibly, can be beaten in the coming years for other electrical alternatives and, of course, to what extent we are facing a key moment in the market for pleasure boats.

Vision Marine Technologies makes a boat travel at 175 km/h

In the field of maritime navigation, it is more appropriate use the metric knots to refer to speed. The comparison of 175 km/h is a total of 94 knots, a record that could soon reach 100 if a series of improvements are introduced. Even so, what is it that has allowed you to enjoy this historic brand? According to the specialized portal Globe News Wire, the feat took place just a few days ago at the annual Lake of the Ozarks contest in Missouri.

The boat, called V32, was driven by Shaun Torrente, one of the most important personalities in Formula 1 boats. The boat has total measures of 9.75 meters in length and is equipped with 2 E-Motion 180E Electric outboard motors. It is, therefore, a structure that had some of the most outstanding technologies on the market. This, together with a hull produced with the lightest materials on the market, made it possible to obtain a record that is still an object of astonishment in the sector.

We are closer to eliminating the carbon footprint our planet is experiencing due to the continued use of internal combustion engines. Alex Mongeon, CEO of Vision Marine Technologies


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