Board of Directors


Alexandre Mongeon

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Alexandre Mongeon has been employed by us since 2014 as our Chief Executive Officer. From 1999 to 2015, he imported high-performance boats from the United States to Canada. During much of that time, 1999 to 2016, he also worked as a designer and contractor for a Contractor 91340489 QC and managed several new construction projects on the waterfront in and around Montreal. Mr. Mongeon is a graduate of the School of Construction in Laval, Quebec with a specialization in electricity.


Robert Ghetti

Vice Chairman & Director

Robert Ghetti has been in charge of business development and financing of our company since 2013. He received a diploma in Business Administration – Finance in 1983 from Vanier College in Montreal, Quebec. Since 1997, he has owned and operated Societe de Placements de Robert Ghetti Inc., a holding company with interests in commercial and industrial properties.

Patrick Bobby

Chief Operating Officer, Secretary and Director

Patrick Bobby is the Chief Operation Officer & Director of Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. Patrick Bobby is the Chief Operation Officer & Director of Vision Marine Technologies, Inc. Patrick studied in Automotive Marketing at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario and obtained his RBQ construction contractor licence in Quebec. He worked in the family car business for several years until the future entrepreneur in him met with Alexandre Mongeon and they joined forces to create several different successful businesses such as: Acquisition of Canadian Electric Boats Company/ VMT today, Currency trading operations and kiosks, Importing and exporting Exotic cars and high-performance boats all over North America and building several residential and commercial revenue complexes and properties in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Patrick Bobby has over 30 years of Entrepreneur experience with managing businesses and extensive experience in supply chain and logistics management and strong operations knowledge.


Steve P. Barrenechea

• Entrepreneur and advisor, with 30+ years of hands on expertise covering the hospitality, and renewable and alternative energy industries, with a focus on EV and battery technologies.

• Held numerous senior management and consulting positions with both public and private companies, with emphasis on corporate governance and investor relations.

• Has in the past sat on the Board of Directors of The Creative Coalition, The American Red Cross, among others.


Luisa Ingargiola

• Diverse experience of capital markets and public companies. Currently, CFO of Avalon GloboCare, a biotech health care company with leading cell based therapeutic technologies for cancer and neuromuscular disease.

• Currently on the Board of AgEagle (NYSE:UAVS) and Electra Meccanica (NASDAQ:SOLO)

• Previously CFO and current board member of Magne Gas Corporation.

• BS in Finance, Boston University and Master of Health

• Administration, University of South Florida.

Mr. Cloutier

Renaud Cloutier

• Over 15 years with Hydro-Québec’s Direction for Transportation Electrification as Senior Delegate.

• Direction for Transportation Electrification as Senior Delegate, he occupied various senior management positions in business development and international partnerships at TM4 (, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of electric drivetrains.

• Instrumental in TM4’s product management and international growth including establishing a manufacturing JV in China.

• Mr. Cloutier serves on several Boards of Directors of key industry players in Canada, including Electric Mobility Canada ( and the Innovative Vehicle Institute (, where he was the Founder and first President.

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